Design Lab, Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung

Artists Information:

The art team is chaired by Professor Hsu Chun-Cheng and Assistant Professor Li Jian-You, who lead a group of graduates, including Wang Ke, Chien Hao-Ping, Wu Ming-Cheng, Li I-Hsuan, Su Kai-Wen, Chuang Yun and Liu Lin, from the Industrial Design Group of the Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University. Their research fields include product design, interactive design, UI/UX, digital production, sensibility engineering, computer-aided design, innovative design method, plastic style, material engineering, service design, virtual and real integration design, etc. 

《Pheromones in Sync》

40x40x100 cm,3D printed model, electronic interactive device


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