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In animation, the author’s creative concept and the voice actors’ performance are key. We invite you to enter the aesthetic world of comics: let’s glimpse into the profession of voiceover and realize our creativity with handmade cards of flowing snowscape. 

Voice Actor Workshop – Hakuna-Matata! Voiceover is Fun!

11_7 李勇-配音師.jpg




Chun Shui Tang Guomei Branch

​speaker:Leo LEE

For a good film and television creation, especially an animation work, the sound performance plays a key role, giving the work soul and life. It is hoped that through this dubbing workshop, the public will experience the joys and sorrows of "dubbing actors" and make full use of the voice in their daily lives.

No Vacancy

Age limit over 12 years old

Handmade Card Workshop – Snowball Drifting Sand Card

11_8 手作卡片.png




Chun Shui Tang Guomei Branch


LIAO Man-Chun

In winter, when you look at the transparent snowball on the desk, you will begin to imagine yourself playing in the snowdrift. What would you want to do if it snowed? Want to pick up snow to make a snowman, or have a fierce snowball fight? Or skiing in the snow, exploring creatures that have not been found in the snow? Be creative and leave your best look in the snow in the glass snowball!

No Vacancy

No age limit. Under 10 years old should participate with parent.  

  • 對象費用:一般民眾/免費

  • 報名方式:採網路、現場報名,依報名先後順序錄取,額滿為止。活動當日請提前20分鐘報到,逾時未報到者,由現場報名遞補。

  • 工作坊:11/7、11/8 名額30名 (集合地點:春水堂)

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