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LEE Wen-Cheng


Artists Information:

Lee Wen-Cheng sees himself as a highly local Taiwanese artist, and his goal is to be an artist loved by children. Because of artistic creation, he has had an opportunity to see his home country through a new lens, so his objective is to convert local and Taiwanese elements in the everyday life into avant-garde symbols used in experimentation about the diversity and vitality of local culture. He pays attention to forgotten stories, transitional justice, the environment, animals and issues related to democracy and freedom. His work involves a wide range of forms and media, including digital image, film, animation, spatial installation, game, curatorial project, interdisciplinary collaboration and artistic direction to achieve the purpose of communication through art and promote Taiwanese culture.


《400 Years of Seafarer》

2020,360x200x200 cm,Mixed media

LEE Wen-Cheng x Nagee

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