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YOU Lung-Hui


Artists Information:

After graduating from junior high school, YOU Lung-Hui was introduced to the “pioneer of Taiwanese wuxia comic,” Chen Hai-Hung, who accepted him as his pupil. You published his acclaimed debut Hatred Divides the Dabie Mountains at the age of seventeen, and continuously received commissions for his works; hence, the reputation of “Hsu in the South and You in the North” in the comic circle. In the 1960s, You became the most iconic comic artist in Taiwan. His work emphasizes on the three-dimensional effect of light and shadow and rich facial expression of characters, and he is particularly good at building the stories with the atmosphere constructed with layout arrangement. In 2019, he became the recipient of the Special Contribution Award in the 10th Golden Comic Award.


《Hatred Divides the Dabie Mountains》

1962,20x14 cm,Watercolor


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