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CHIU Row-Long


Artists Information:

Chiu Row-Long is a comic artist as well as a film screenwriter and director. He has been influenced by his father Chiu Hsi-Hsun who is also a comic artist. Chiu graduated from Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in 1984. Because of his enthusiasm in Taiwanese indigenous history and culture, he spent several years creating the comic series The Wushe Incident, which portrayed the history of Taiwanese indigenous community’s resistance against the Japanese colonizers. Later, he shifted his focus to film and television. In 1998, he produced a documentary featuring the Wushe Incident, entitled Gaya: The Seediq People and Wushe Incident in 1930. He also participated in the production of Cape No. 7 and Seediq Bale, serving as the artistic director and consultant for the films.


《Eve of the Uprising》

72.5x60.5 cm,Oil on canvas

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