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CHEN Hong-Yao


Artists Information:

Chen Hong-Yao submitted his comic work for the first time to the 3rd Hsiao-Mi Comic Talents Award, and amazed his readers with his debut work The Legend of Yi-Dao featuring a wuxia sci-fi theme when he was twenty years old. He is known for his use of narrative storyboard and tailored style created for different types of comics, for which he has been called “Comic Chameleon” by the French comic circle. In 2010, he collaborated with several comic artists and launched TX (Taiwan Comix), an independent Taiwanese comic magazine, which introduces Taiwanese comics to the European comic circle. Their efforts have paved the way for Taiwanese comic artists to participate in international comic events and built the foundation for further collaboration and exchange. Unfortunately, Chen passed away due to an accident in 2015.

2.《一刀傳》書名彩頁─明朝萬曆。工作區域 1@0.5x.png

《The Legend of Yi-Dao – The Reign of Wanli, Ming Dynasty》

1993,Digital print

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