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Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd.

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Artists Information:

Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. has produced nearly eighty works since its establishment. The  total number of hours of episodes and stories combined has exceeded 3,000 hours, with a constellation of more than 4,000 heroic characters. Over the past three decades, the company has relied on steadfast IP creation and streamlined audiovisual production, offering viewers various works, from well-known TV series of hand puppetry to films such as The Legend of the Sacred Stone and Thunderbolt Fantasy that swept Japan, to Pili Fantasy: War of Dragons on Netflix. Today, works produced by Pili have crossed the barriers of geography, language and culture, and transformed into a modern form of entertainment enjoyed by the world.


《Li Bai》

89x100x14 cm, Wood, fabric, plastic, metal


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